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Convoluted Foam

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Convoluted foam is great because of how versatile it is. Customers often choose convolute over other foam inserts because the insert can serve for multiple parts. Perhaps you have one case, but multiple types of tools that need to be transported at different times. Convolute will help solve this problem. While Pick N' Pluck Foam only allows for one item, convolute remains unbiased. Since the foam is cut similar to an eggcrate there is just as much foam as there is air which allows for lighter compression exerting less force on your part. Layered foam on the other hand would exert equal force everywhere which could cause undesired pressure points possibly damaging a weak part.

Convolute foam is not recommended for heavy transit. While a properly designed convoluted insert will withstand travel it may not protect items in heavy transit such as shipping or airline checked luggage. Custom foam inserts are the best choice for protection in these situations.

Order convolute in any dimensions you need. Order convolute in a specific size for the lid or your case or order it to outfit the whole case itself.

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